Ontario Grant for Food Producers and Processors


Ontario’s Growing Forward 2 programs will contribute up to 50% to a maximum of $350,000 over 5 years towards innovative processor and producer initiatives that will increase profits, expand markets, and/or manage risk. Support is available for:


1.   Capacity Building, which includes but not limited to skills development and training, as well as, the undertaking

      assessments, audits, and/or plans for marketing, business investment, energy reduction, owner succession, and

      product safety, traceability and quality.


2.   Implementation, which includes but not limited to, activities and investments focused on enhancing animal and

     plant health/welfare, addressing environmental issues such as climate change, maximizing labour and

     management productivity/effectiveness, improving market retention or expansion, increasing energy and water

     efficiency, or augmenting food safety, quality and traceability.


Listed below are clients that have successfully received grants with our support :


       - Villa Di Manno Bakery

       - Desi’s Choice

       - Del’s Fresh Foods Inc.

       - Rudolph’s Bakery

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