Provide assistance in upgrade or relocation of the plant - choosing location,

     design flow diagram,  registration with government, choosing the right construction and

     maintenance materials etc.


   Provide assistance in choosing the right Food Safety Program as per client/customer needs.


   Provide assistance in writing, implementing and maintaining of the Food Safety Program.


   Reduce paperwork by integrating client’s existing system.


   Successfully lead clients through a third party or government Food Safety Audit and follow

     corrective action through to completion.


   Train client staff in maintaining Food Safety and QC programs.


   Proficient in handling technical customer complaints with claim provisions.


   Provide assistance in selecting services such as Sanitation, Chemical, Pest Control, Laundry

     Company, Maintenance, Equipment, and Lubricants etc.


   Provide monthly follow-up with clients in maintaining Food Safety Program


   Provide assistance in understanding Government acts and regulations such as CFIA,

     Food and Drug Act, USDA, FDA, Packaging and Labeling Act etc.


   Assist clients in achieving BRC rating A from C in six months.


   Maintain existing clients Food Safety Rating GFSI-A.





   GFSI Auditing – BRC, SQF, IFS and FSSC 22000.


   Complete HACCP Advantage Audits for the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB)

     & Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).


   Complete Provincial Meat Plant Audits on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture,

     Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).


   GMA-SAFE Auditing – Complete audits on behalf of RQA and NAFSA Inc.


   GAP Audit for GMP, HACCP, BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000 and IFS


   Assist clients during government and third party food safety audits such as [OMAFRA, QMP,

     CFIA, GFTC, Siliker, Avendra, BRC, SQF and AIB etc.)






   Provide food safety training in the GMP, HACCP, Allergen, Security, BRC, Internal Audit etc.


   Train clients in understanding food safety standard and government regulation requirements


   Train the Trainer for Basic.fst and Advanced.fst


   Provide training in the classroom and on-site





   Increased shelf life of meat products from 21 days to 39 days without adding preservatives


   Assisted food manufacturers in receiving grant from OMAFRA for implementation of HACCP

     Advantage and Other Food Safety Program.


   Assisted clients in achieving BRC rating Ä from C in six months.


   Managed the transformation of a facility with no written Food Safety Program into one

     of the top 10% in scoring of facilities.


   Reduced client cost by selecting right service company such as Sanitation, Chemical,

     Pest Control, Laundry Company, Maintenance, Equipment, Lubricants etc.