Villa Di Manno Bakery, Concord, Ontario

    Amenah Al-Tekreeti,QA Manager


    “In 2012, our project was to be certified in GFSI-BRC standard. We hired Shilpa Mistry as our BRC consultant. She has in-depth knowledge of BRC and food industry standard/regulations.  She has trained our senior management and floor employee in the application of the BRC standard. She led us with the example, explanation and thorough understanding.  She has great verbal and written communication skills. She is very open mind and easy going with people and that made the whole process of BRC certification easier. Working with her was fun. She is very positive, organized, pre-planned, and confident and goal oriented. We all love her. She is the best teacher and consultant”.


    “We achieved BRC certification with Grade A and we are very proud to have Shilpa Mistry as our Food Safety Consultant”.



    Evergreen Juices Inc.

    Carroll MacIntosh, President


    "We worked with Quality Food Safety Consulting while revising our GMP (good manufacturing practices) & HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) programs. They provided us with feedback and guidance that helped us revise our programs.


    Shilpa was excellent, she quickly and efficiently helped us review our paperwork, making clear and actionable suggestions as to what needed to be improved and how. "



    GCP Consulting, Pius Gasser

    "Shilpa Mistry has held a Senior Food Safety Consultant position with GCP Consulting since 2003. She is an expert in her food safety consulting, auditing and training services. With her, the clients feel a sense of comfort and that they are taken care of. She is very detail oriented, committed and result oriented when it comes to food safety.


    She will ensure that the client is ready for the audit.  She leads clients through examples; her aim with clients is to always hold them to their highest standards and to hold them accountable through continuous follow-up sessions to ensure that they go through food safety certification processes easier and achieve their goals. She also follows up on a regular basis to ensure that they maintain the food safety systems. She is very passionate in food safety and is an expert in her field".


    Del’s Fresh Foods, General Manager, Wojtek Szamra

    "We hired Quality Food Safety Consulting to help in achieving HACCP certification and government grant program. At first, I thought this is not an achievable goal. They assured me that together we can achieve this goal. They loved working with my floor employees. I loved their continuous follow up to ensure that my staff understands the procedures, policies and food safety. Instead of creating more paperwork, they reduced paperwork by integrating existing systems. We love them for their unique talent in teamwork, kindness and commitment to their client’s success"


    Desi’s Choice, President, Ashfaq Abdul Razzaq

    Quality Food Safety Consulting has helped us during our new plant design and registration with OMAFRA. They have also assisted us in achieving government grants for new plant upgrades and equipment purchases. I really acknowledged their help in understanding our unique needs and providing solutions based on our needs. They are experts when it comes to the food safety industry. They work as a team with us and bring results to the table. We love them for their unique talent in teamwork, honesty, integrity and commitment to their client’s success.